High Level Hospitality

Who are we?

High Level Hospitality is known to be one of the most exclusive and well known agencies for a professional and exclusive experience. With HLH you don’t just book an elegant hostess for a conference or event, you book an experience. Our main aim at HLH is to make an exceptional impact and memorable experience for each occasion. By combining beauty, excellence and experience, we are able to provide elegance and competence around the world. No matter the type of event or occasion, at HLH we will make sure the client stands out and will be left with a brilliant and memorable experience. 

The founder, Shanna Ayesha, Miss Super Model Universe Netherlands 2018, has dedicated her time and effort to create the best quality and experience when it comes to providing elegant and professional hospitality ladies around the world. Understanding the process and needs of business related clients has been a passion turned into a business. With her professional background in tax law, as a former consultant, she very well understands the importance and needs of her clients to perform their best and accomplish their goals, when it comes to professional occasions. 

In addition, as a former professional model and hostess she very well knows the expectations of her clients when it comes to hosting events and how to create a pleasant and memorable experience. With a broad network around the world, through models, hostesses and professional contacts, she has aimed to bring all the parties together, to create a huge success by combining competent and elegant ladies, to create a blissful experience each and every time.